i wish…

sometimes i wish you would read my poetry

i am really curious to hear what you think about it

but, at the same time

i don’t want to let you in


dear K. -2-

do you ever think about me?

do you wonder how my lips taste?

do you fall asleep with me on your mind?

do you desperately wait for the next party just so that we can watch each other dance?

do you feel the need to touch me when you see me?

do you get excited when we have the opportunity to hug?

because i do

Who Am I?

I am a volcano ready to explode at any moment.

But I also am an earthquake, because you never know when that explosion is about to happen.

I am a tornado of emotion, destroying everything that gets in my way. I am a tsunami made of water which was once so peaceful and calm and gentle.

I am the sky.

I change colours multiple times a day.

I am a storm when I get angry, because my words are quick and violent.

Yet, I am a tree… forever silent, but with so many tales to share. I am the rain. I wash away the negativity of others. I am a summer breeze, so fresh and full of relief. I am a comet… I rarely show myself to people, but when I do, they’re struck by awe.

I am a black hole, absorbing the energy around me. However, what’s inside of me remains a mystery. I am the moon. I help people discover and show their true self and, still, don’t get enough credit for it.

I am a rainbow. I harmonize my colours… even the ones which do not seem to match.

I am an ocean.

And that says it all.

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