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Suicide Is NOT a Joke – Screw You Logan Paul

The number one subject trending right now probably on every single platform is Logan Paul.

He uploaded a vlog on Youtube in which he shows the body of a suicide victim.

What a better way to start the New Year, am I right? *please, notice the sarcasm*

I saw the video.

At the very beginning, I thought it was going to be click bait. (Let’s not forget Logan is a “comedian and entertainer” and his videos never turn out to be related to the title).

I was actually preparing to make a post about how shitty of a person you are if you try to lure people to watch your videos by using such a powerful subject. (Even if I was watching the video myself, I know.)

But it cannot be real, that’s what I kept telling myself. He was better than his brother. It was not real. Click bait. It will turn out to be a prank or something. My mind was desperately trying to convince me that, but my gut feeling told me otherwise.

It turned out to be real.

He did record a REAL suicide victim. He did not blur anything. He zoomed in on the corpse.

And he did all of that whilst making fun of the situation. Joke, after joke, after joke.

He tried to give a speech about how important it is to reach out to people when you are suicidal and that’s about it. The rest of the video consists of him being him (extremely loud, energetic and careless). There were some moments when I thought he was actually feeling proud for what he did.

Well, Logan Paul, let me tell you that what you did is DISGUSTING. You were looking for views, you knew exactly what you were doing. What the hell was in your mind?!

Logan’s audience consists of people between the ages of 10 and 15, mostly. Is this the way we are raising a new generation? By showing them that it’s OK to make fun and to exploit a suicide victim?!


Please, stop watching his videos! Do not support this young man! Speak up against his actions!

If you truly want to help people who are suicidal, then offer them your support, spread positivity, make the suicide hotlines known to others, listen to people and let them know that you care! Let them know that they have a place in this world, that their problems can be solved and that taking your own life only creates more pain!

But DO NOT record and PUBLISH their dead body.

So, Logan Paul… I am not ashamed to say, from the bottom of my heart FUCK YOU!