thought of the day // 24.05.2018

I am finally done with everything.


Sign of the Times

I hate it when I hear the clock ticking. It annoys me. It makes me become aware of the existence of time. The past and the future. Never the present. I cannot focus on the present when I hear that stupid noise in the background. It becomes louder and harsher with every second that passes by.

Screw Social Anxiety

Why do I expect the worst out of people? They are not as mean as I imagine them to be…

I should stop being afraid of the outside world… I must fight this anxiety of mine. It’s all in my head, the negativity is an illusion. Just because we do not talk, it doesn’t mean they hate me.

They are, in fact, nice and lovely and genuine. But in order to actually see that, I must break the barriers between us. I should be the first to approach others… they’re just people. Like me. They are scared. Like me.

Sometimes, all you gotta do is say from the bottom of your heart Fuck It.

Stop worrying, stop overthinking.