Falling out of love too quickly

You see, I have this problem… I come across certain things, such as TV shows, books, random objects, sometimes even people and start to obsess over them.

Day and night I would think about them, look up information about them, create artwork which was inspired by them. I cannot breathe, I cannot eat, I cannot sleep because I want more of them.

This obsession, however, lasts for a very short period of time.

Infatuation. That’s what it is.

Once it is over, I no longer care about the stuff that once fueled my existence.

And that scares me. A lot. Knowing that I have become the type of person I fear most.

The Future

Sometimes I feel like I have fucked up my own future. That some of the choices I take will alter the days that are to come. I’m planting seeds of despair, sadness and hatred… I will harvest dry flowers, rotten fruit and weeds. The sun never shines over my garden, the water has never touched its soil. That’s not an orchard that you see… it’s a graveyard. I buried all my past selves there. Like a snake, I shed my skin every spring. I try to get rid of the parasites and grow. But I am afraid I might grow too much and I will be obliged to swallow my own tail. Once I finish my meal, I will enter a void. I’ll be the uncreated once again… forever waiting for another chance to be something ethereal on Earth. 


COPYRIGHT Oceauxnic 2017 

thank you

there are no words which can express the feeling of gratitude that has taken control over me 

all i can say is THANK YOU 

for your support, your kind thoughts, your likes and appreciation towards my work 

Thank You 

for everything, really

you are the best

i hope you have a wonderful day, lovely people 


Musing Monday: death

Why does death bring so much pain? Why do people cry when someone dies? Most of them would say that it’s due to the fact that they won’t be able to see the person in question ever again… Well, that’s selfish if you ask me. So fucking selfish!

Your beloved one has just converted their soul into ever lasting energy that wanders through space and time and you’re crying? Your beloved one can now gaze at the whole Universe, touch the stars, high-five comets, visit new galaxies, become a tree or a waterfall or a drop in the ocean and you’re fucking crying?

Shame on you!

Shame on me… for I do the same.