a poem about carmen

you move like the ocean

and look like the sky at dawn

even in the morning light

i could still see stars shining

in the iris of your eyes

and when the smoke protrudes your lips

i wonder just how one so wonderful

does not like flowers

perhaps when your turn to walk on earth came

the universe wanted to create

a vessel similar to the one

worn by ancient gods and royalties

so alluring, yet indecipherable

like an artwork by Dali

copyright oceauxnic 2017

snake charmer

the snakes dance around me

they are attracted to my charm

they look like flowers

bending in the wind

but i know they want to harm

my body, my mind, my soul

they want to prevent me

from achieving my goal

i couldn’t care less,

the flute is in my hands

and i’ll keep on singing

until i’m out of breath

i’ll borrow fresh air if necessary

but the snakes won’t ever be

stopping me


gold diggers

i need a new friend to buy

could i get a discount this time

or maybe a two for one

that would be great

this time, however, 

i ain’t giving you anything

on a silver plate

gold diggers are my type

i fuel their love for me

with gifts and money

i am not rich, though

first i have to check then swipe

but for a friend i would do anything

for i love them so
even if my love might be

fake from time to time

COPYRIGHT Oceauxnic 2017 


my essence is archaic

it’s been around since the beginning

it has never been stardust,

water, smoke nor sunlight

it has been forever trapped in vessels

it might have been alpha,

thus it will be omega

forever trapped

trapped forever

because apparently

i cannot learn from my own mistakes


COPYRIGHT Oceauxnic 2017