i got your girl jealous

does she hate me now?

<<your lover>>

did i create a rupture

between you two?

i swear i didn’t mean to

i had a drink…

or six, or seven

i started feeling

like i was in heaven

and we’ve danced on

our favourite song

of course, i would have eventually yelled

that i love you so much

you are my friend

and a friend’s love is

just as strong as of a lover…

i suppose i understand why she got jealous

after all, i was the one

to make you happy

last night

Copyright © 2017 Oceauxnic

set my soul ablaze

it’s getting cold outside

set my soul ablaze

i don’t want you to get sick

i’ll fuel the fire with my tears

pour gasoline all over yourself

let me touch you

this time… i’m pretty sure

there will be a spark between us

Copyright © 2017 Oceauxnic


your frozen tear is my amulet

and your eerie mind so desolate

serves as a map

of a long forgotten land

where birds used to fly

high in the sky

milk chocolate was flowing

in each rivulet

where sunsets were amber

scarlet, rose and violet

but, now… the sun never sets

the chocolate is bitter

and the birds

they have no wings

my dear, your grey matter

is way too damn grey

Copyright © 2017 Oceauxnic


i admire them from afar

for i am afraid of a possible scar

love is not an easy task to tackle

it mostly feels like it’s a battle

between the heart

and the mind

Copyright © 2017 Oceauxnic