5 Benefits of Digital Detox and why YOU should do it

In this day and age, electronic devices have become a must in our lives. It is extremely hard for us to let a day pass by without checking our social media accounts, watch silly videos on YouTube or read all about that new juicy gossip.

However, spending too much time with our eyes glued to the screen can have terrible health effects. In order to have a prosperous life, we must try to maintain a balance between the virtual and real world.

A digital detox is exactly what gadget-addicted people (like me) need.

What is a digital detox?

A digital detox is  a period of time during which you are not allowed to use any electronic device, such as smartphone, computer, TV etc.

How to stick to a digital detox

There are a lot of ways in which you can keep your distance from anything that works with the help of electricity.

The first thing you have to do is decide the length of your digital detox. Is it a day? Or maybe a complete week? Regardless of your choice, you will experience the benefits straight away.

It’s easier if you go step by step. If it is the first time you try such a detox, you should get rid of one gadget at a time. By and large, the smartphone is the device which people use religiously. Therefore, it will be harder to stick to your  task if you choose it. For the time being, ignore your computer or the TV.

Once you get used to the feeling of longing, you can make a bold move and make not using the mobile phone your goal.

Dealing with desire is one of the hardest things you’ll go through. The thought of checking your phone will go through your head at least a hundred times. Something which could help you tackle your task is a reward. That’s right! TREAT YO’ SELF! Make a promise to yourself that if you complete the challenge, you will buy that new product which you’ve seen advertised all over the place, or you’ll go at that restaurant and have the biggest burger or the tastiest cocktail. This will surely keep you motivated.

Also, telling your friends and family about it could improve your results. They will help you achieve your goal by reminding you about the detox and why you started doing it, which gets us to the most important part… WHY you should start a digital detox.

The Benefits of a Digital Detox

  1. Less stress. You won’t be pestered about text messages, phone calls, emails which you feel the need to answer. This is your relaxation time during which no one can interrupt you.
  2. You become more productive. Admit it. How many times did you browse through social media instead of doing a project or house chores or ANYTHING more important than that? Don’t let the phone fool you! You know you have better things to do.
  3. You have the chance to reconnect with Nature. And you might wonder why it is so important to do that. We are part of Nature. Nature is a part of us. Never forget that!
  4. Better sleep. It has been proven that the longer we use our phones, the worse our sleep pattern will be. Many people fall asleep while playing on their smartphones or texting their crush. When they wake up, they feel tired and drained of energy. This is all because of too much internet browsing.
  5. Personal growth. Even if there are many apps which could help you improve yourself, nothing compares to reading a physical book, or trying to learn a new language by flicking through a 70 000 word dictionary. Also, maybe you discover a new talent. Sing, dance, draw, play sport. You can do anything you want while not using your dearest device.

Personal Experience

I tried a 5-day digital detox. At first, I thought it would be so much easier than I expected. Day number one was the best. With the goal in my mind, I kept motivated and did not feel the need to check my phone at all.

From that point on, it only got worse. Day number two is when I started feeling the need to grab my phone. Luckily, I managed to overcome the desire.

Day number three was the worst. I almost quit. My mom reminded my how happy I would be once I finish the challenge and I gave her my phone in order to keep my distance as far away from it as possible.

Day four was alright. The desire diminished drastically.

With the goal back in my mind, I finished the detox successfully. I was almost upset that five days have already passed by.

During these five days, I read 3 books and two short stories. I rediscovered my passion for tennis. I learned how to make pickles and raspberry syrup. I did plenty of  German exercises and I bonded with my family.

Every now and then, it is recommended to start a digital detox.

Have you completed one? Or are you thinking about tackling the challenge?

Congrats if you did! Good luck if you’re about to!

100 Reasons To Stay Alive

I am happy (and slightly shocked) to say that I am 18. Today is my birthday and I am officially an adult… I don’t really know how I feel about that. However, I am here. I am alive, even though there were many times when I thought I wouldn’t have the strength to go on and reach this beautiful age…

I want to celebrate the fact that I AM ALIVE. So what a better way to do it than by listing 100 reasons to keep going. To STAY ALIVE. This will also serve as a reminder that life is beautiful, with its ups and downs and there are too many magical moments to just give up.

Here are my 100 Reasons To Stay Alive

  1. My parents
  2. Cutting my hair short after it’s been long for a while
  3. Seeing the birds fly
  4. Sunrises
  5. Sunsets
  6. Discovering a cool TV show
  7. Buying water bottles from dollar stores
  8. Meeting new people
  9. Poetry
  10. Free concerts
  11. Killing a spider or a mosquito
  12. Midnight car drives
  13. Reading my old journal
  14. Jewelry
  15. My dog
  16. Doodling in my Latin notebook
  17. Storms
  18. Hearing the story behind a tattoo
  19. The smell of freshly cut grass
  20. The moon covered by thin clouds
  21. Crystals
  22. Randomly bumping into someone famous
  23. Back rubs
  24. Museums
  25. Supporting my artist friends
  26. Chai Latte
  27. Stand up comedy shows
  28. Decorating the Christmas tree
  29. Flowers
  30. The ocean
  31. Rediscovering old music which I used to love
  32. The German language
  33. The English language
  34. Ordering a bunch of books online
  35. Foxes
  36. Chocolate
  37. A good sneeze
  38. Lemonade
  39. Going on hikes
  40. Planting a tree
  41. Writing
  42. Getting a 10 at English
  43. Supporting my LGBT friends
  44. Drinking ice-cold water on a hot day
  45. Trying to eat during class
  46. Passing an exam I studied hard for
  47. Glitter
  48. Being alone
  49. Seeing a cute stranger
  50. The feeling after I finish a book
  51. Rainy days
  52. New music from my favorite artists
  53. Meeting the word target for an essay
  54. Laughing when I am not supposed to
  55. Volunteering
  56. PowerPoint Presentations
  57. Finding cool stuff at the thrift store
  58. Seeing myself get better at a skill
  59. Gardening
  60. Dollar coffee from the school’s vending machine
  61. Theatre plays
  62. Picking up berries with my grandma
  63. Memes
  64. The stars
  65. Viewing old photos/videos of myself
  66. Going on road trips
  67. Dancing around the house
  68. Finding a new cafe that I love
  69. Having a secret crush
  70. Discovering that I have mutual interests with people I find cool
  71. Searching for an interesting book at the library
  72. Feeling pretty
  73. Tea
  74. Changing my handwriting and trying it out
  75. The feeling when plans I did not want to commit to get cancelled
  76. Seeing the trees bloom
  77. Little elephant statues
  78. Getting an invitation to an event
  79. Learning new words
  80. City lights when it’s dark outside
  81. Watching a great documentary before I go to sleep
  82. Holding hands with someone for the first time
  83. Moving on
  84. Buying a new mug
  85. Crossing something off from my bucket list
  86. When my period is over
  87. The first snow of the year
  88. Moccacino
  89. Convincing someone to quit smoking
  90. Passing by someone who wears good perfume
  91. Winning a prize/competition/contest
  92. Finally spotting the airplane after I heard its noise for a while
  93. Tennis
  94. Soft skin after shaving
  95. Having to dress fancy
  96. Seeing the numbers on the scale drop
  97. Seeing the people I love smile
  98. Meditation
  99. Warm showers

The 100th Reason

Everything is temporary. Nothing stays the same. Change occurs no matter what. Life is a continuous surprise. You got to stay alive if you want to see what’s coming next.

What are your reasons to stay alive?

My Relationship with Alcohol

When I was younger, I used to be somewhat afraid of this mysterious beverage. Alcohol was a “no-no” for me. I couldn’t even think about that word without feeling anxious and a little bit disgusted (even if I have never tasted a drop of it by that time). 

My uncle is allergic to alcohol. As soon as he drinks a glass of… well, anything that has alcohol in it, his face becomes extremely red and he cannot breathe. 

My cousin used to think his father’s allergy might be hereditary and so he did not drink such beverages throughout his teenage years. 

At first, I was in complete agreement with him. What if the same thing could happen to us? So I kept away from alcohol like it was poison. 

After a while, though, my cousin dicovered that he doesn’t share that gene with his father and so, most probably, neither do I. 

Even if I knew that I was able to drink without turning into a tomato and suffocating, I was still reticent to follow my cousin’s steps. 

My family has a pretty ugly history when it comes to alcohol. Both my grandpa and grandma died because of it. 

Also, I didn’t fully trust myself. I thought that I am too weak to handle it and that alcohol would be in control of me.

But let me tell you… oh, boy how wrong I was. The first time that I had a drink was last December! I was at a New Year’s Eve party with all of my friends and right before the fireworks, they handed me a glass of champagne. I’ll have to admit that I let myself be influenced by them that night. If they hadn’t encouraged me to drink that beverage, I wouldn’t have done it. 

But I did. And I liked it. 

And so step by step, I learnt how to drink and what to drink. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t support the idea of getting wasted and alcoholism. I am very much aware of how many problems “the juice of gods” can create.

I believe that everything should be in moderation and that includes drinking. Alcohol is supposed to be just for bits of pleasure and making the atmosphere lighter. However, too much of it is, indeed, poisonous. It can destroy your life and… yourself. 

The most important thing to remember is to know when to stop. Unfortunately, not many people know how to stop. 

Whenever I start feeling a little bit tipsy, I drink water. Lots of it. Until I feel better. That’s a thing that helps. Or another approach to this is drinking a glass of water after every glass (or two) of alochol. The point is that you shouldn’t drink only alochol the whole night.

What I learnt in these 7 months of drinking (this sounds like I’m addicted, but I swear all’s cool haha) is that you shouldn’t be afraid of alcohol. As long as you’re careful and you are aware of your intake, everything is going to be alright. 

But still, there is a thin line between having fun and becoming addicted and you should always be extremely careful not to cross it. 

I am GRATEFUL for… #3


I am grateful for nature because whenever I get the blues, all I have to do is spend some time surrounded by trees, flowers and a rivulet and everything gets better.

I love drinking cold spring water on hot summer days. It cools me down, both physically and emotionally.

I am extremely grateful that I can watch the sky while playing with my dog, Pufi.

Picking up flowers is always a must.

Nature is gorgeous in all its forms and shapes.


What are you grateful for?

8 Ways In Which You Can Overcome Sadness

We all feel blue from time to time. Some of us cope with sadness better than others. For those who encounter problems when dealing with this feeling, I’ve decided to come up with a list of 8 methods that could help you become joyful again.

  1. Make  yourself a cup of tea. 

Try to go through the whole process of making tea. Don’t just buy it from a supermarket or order it from Starbucks. You’ll see that tea tastes better when you make it yourself. The process itself is very relaxing and it could help you reflect on your problems for a while.

       2. Go for a run. 

Everybody knows that exercising helps you get rid of any negative emotion. Also, you’ll keep fit.

        3. Talk to yourself.

There is no shame in talking to yourself. After all, you are the one who knows best what’s bugging you. You hold the answers, therefore you need to ask some questions first.

         4. Talk to your plants.

This is an alternative for those who feel odd talking to themselves. Plants are friends. Plants love you. They want you to talk to them. They are also great listeners.

         5. Watch fail compilations.

Funniest videos ever. You want to feel good? Then you have to laugh. And what better thing to make you laugh than people who hurt themselves.

          6. Meditate.

Meditation is great. It relaxes your mind and your spirit.  In order to be happy again, you need to stop feeling bad (obviously). Meditation helps you understand your feelings, thus making it easier for you to get rid of negativity.

           7. Look up random words in the dictionary.

Not only does it take your attention away from your negative feelings, but it also helps you widen your range of vocabulary. Awesome.

           8. Write your thoughts on paper (and set fire to it).

Letting go of your feeling is the hardest part. Writing everything down separates the sadness from you. If you want to end that particular chapter in your life, then you must burn some bridges (aka set fire to the paper). Don’t do it at home, though. Safety above everything.

Life is too short to be sad. Destroy that feeling. Be free. Be happy.

6 easy steps to achieve your goals!

Goals. We all have some, we all want to achieve them. Now that it’s the beginning of a new year, we see lists of goals everywhere… and I mean EVERYWHERE. But I don’t blame anyone. A new year feels like the perfect time to set some goals.


Thinking that you’ll definitely achieve them this year, you sit down at your desk, pen in hand or in between your teeth and start to write a long list of goals. However, at the end of the year you realize that you haven’t achieved anything on that list! You get sad… and you give up on your dreams. If only you could have achieved those goals! But, hey! Cheer up! It might be your lucky day, because I have some tips on how to achieve every single one of your goals! It’s simple actually. All you have to do is follow these next few steps.

  1. Make a list. Most people stop right at this step. They make a list and that’s it. But why you should make a list, though? How is that going to help you achieve those goals? Well, by writing them down you make the conscious decision of accomplishing something in a certain period of time. Now that your brain knows what your intentions are, it’ll help you in your journey. I recommend you buy a special notebook for your goals. The list should be written at the beginning of the notebook.
  2. Keep track of your progress. Every month, reread that list and jot down the progress made regarding every goal. In this way, you have a clear view of whether you’re going in the right direction or not. It will also motivate you to work harder.
  3. Think of the benefits brought by accomplishing those goals. The outcome is what we really want, so imagining how our life would be when and after we achieve our goals makes it easier for us to do that. Our brain will be flooded by the sensation of winning and power and it’ll get drunk on that, making us long for them and thus making us even more motivated.
  4. Stay focused. Keep distractions away! Distractions stop you from achieving your goals. They make you procrastinate and procrastination makes you lose desire of being successful. Notice what gets your attention away from your goals and try to find a solution for it. If your phone is the distraction, then download an app which can help you stay focused. There are plenty.
  5. Little is more. It’s better to work 20 minutes daily, than 5 hours once a week. Consistence is what helps you improve. And I can give you a personal example here. I am currently learning German. At first, I used to practice 2 hours of it during the weekend. Do you think I learned anything by using this method? No, I didn’t.  Now I’m using the Duolingo app which consists of 15 minutes every day of practice. It has become so fun that I sometimes exceed those 15 minutes without noticing! Also, my German skills have improved drastically!
  6. Lastly, but not least… Stay chill. And by that I mean that you should relax once in a while. If you are continuously stressed about achieving your goals, well… you won’t. Stress is a very dangerous enemy when it comes to achieving your goals. Take a break when the pressure is too much to handle and then return with fresh forces. Keep your mind clear, because only a clear mind is able to guide and help you in this journey. Eat well, exercise, meditate, take a bath or a walk, spend time in nature.

Also, if you don’t manage to achieve your goals by the end of the year, it’s alright. What truly matters is to make progress towards achieving that particular goal.

I hope these little tips helped you and I look forward to hearing that you all are happy because you have achieved your goals with the help of at least one of these tips.

Stay positive.