a monster

there is a fine line between love and hate

that’s what they say

i’m afraid i’ve crossed it too many times

even when i shouldn’t have

no ounce of love left

just hate

pure hate

for people who used to mean the world to me

the love is only for myself

what am i turning into?

copyright oceauxnic 2018


i am nothing

i am nothing

but a phantom, wandering the memories

and the moments that are to come

i am a whiteboard

come leave your mark on me

a mask…

do i wear one or am i one?

faded colours,


i am not who i am

and i’m afraid i’ll never be

i am nothing

i do not exist yet

and i’m afraid i never will

copyright oceauxnic 2018

happy birthday, my dear Z.

i still remember the day we first met
you were the only one who
made a place so scary look so friendly
and maybe not as bad as it seemed to be
you were the only one who
talked to me
when even i was way too tired to do so myself
when you got close
i remembered how it felt like to have a friend
and for that i thank you
and i thank you for reminding me that life is not so bad
and that it’s worth opening up to people
and i thank you for helping me find myself
for helping me achieve one of my dreams
you might be wondering what the fuck am i talking about and what the fuck is this
but i just want to let you know that i appreciate you, just the way you are
and even if we might grow cold to one another
i will always be your friend
no matter what


© oceauxnic 2018

Changing A Wicked World ☆ #RacismIsUgly

Racism has always been a serious problem in our society. Racism is the act of treating someone differently or unfairly simply because they belong to a different ethnic community or have a different religion or nationality.

The ideas of xenophobia have become so deeply ingrained in many people’s minds, making it a challenge to completely eliminate these harmful doctrines. However, I believe that problems arising from racism and xenophobia can and will be resolved, eventually.

Racism is not a matter of the skin colour, but of the human thinking. I believe that children are not born with a distaste for a particular ethnic group. They learn to hold grudges from their family and the environment in which they grow up. This means that racist and xenophobic attitudes are alterable and, then, it is our duty to try to annihilate them by openly addressing and discussing the issues emerged with young people. I think, in this way, further incidents can be prevented.

Instead of teaching children hatred and hostility, we should educate them by spreading the message of love and peace. I think it is much easier for young people to approach this issue with a positive mindset, rather than with a doubtful conscience that could make them incline towards the immoral option, that is the acceptance of racism and xenophobia.

Some people believe, however, that there is no hope left for us when it comes to erasing this terrible part of our society. I strongly disagree with this belief. When people live and work in harmony, even the toughest wars can be won. The key to success is keeping our moral values high.

Children should be thought that people from all races and ethnic backgrounds are equal. All of them have played an important role in the shaping of human civilization today. Moreover, expressing positive opinions about unity and equality helps us destroy misapprehensions between people.


What are your thoughts on this issue?

was i something to you? >> a poem

i was just a distraction to you

a game you played during your free time

an experiment

a burden

i was not enough

or  perhaps, i was too much

for you to handle…

i still have a hard time trying to figure it out


copyright oceauxnic 2018