thought of the day >> 30.12.2017

i can taste it… it’s so close, yet so far away


It’s just a crush!

Ah, you see… I have this problem.

Whenever I have a new crush, I cannot concentrate. On anything. For days.

It’s frustrating.


I’m not in the right state of mind.

I’m lustful.

But you won’t catch me telling that person how I feel.

I conceal.

And I torture myself because why the fuck not.

I’m sorry. Having a crush makes me do and say things I shouldn’t.

a poem to the boy who won’t leave my head

i just want to taste your lips

nothing more, nothing less

i promise you can go your own way, afterwards

i crave your attention

i crave your touch and i go insane, cause i can’t have it

i go insane, cause i don’t know what goes through your head

i want our souls to intertwine just for a night

is that to much to ask for?

i suppose it is… when i didn’t even ask


© oceauxnic 2017