My Relationship with Alcohol

When I was younger, I used to be somewhat afraid of this mysterious beverage. Alcohol was a “no-no” for me. I couldn’t even think about that word without feeling anxious and a little bit disgusted (even if I have never tasted a drop of it by that time).

My uncle is allergic to alcohol. As soon as he drinks a glass of… well, anything that has alcohol in it, his face becomes extremely red and he cannot breathe.

My cousin used to think his father’s allergy might be hereditary and so he did not drink such beverages throughout his teenage years.

At first, I was in complete agreement with him. What if the same thing could happen to us? So I kept away from alcohol like it was poison.

After a while, though, my cousin dicovered that he doesn’t share that gene with his father and so, most probably, neither do I.

Even if I knew that I was able to drink without turning into a tomato and suffocating, I was still reticent to follow my cousin’s steps.

My family has a pretty ugly history when it comes to alcohol. Both my grandpa and grandma died because of it.

Also, I didn’t fully trust myself. I thought that I am too weak to handle it and that alcohol would be in control of me.

But let me tell you… oh, boy how wrong I was. The first time that I had a drink was last December! I was at a New Year’s Eve party with all of my friends and right before the fireworks, they handed me a glass of champagne. I’ll have to admit that I let myself be influenced by them that night. If they hadn’t encouraged me to drink that beverage, I wouldn’t have done it.

But I did. And I liked it.

And so step by step, I learnt how to drink and what to drink.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t support the idea of getting wasted and alcoholism. I am very much aware of how many problems “the juice of gods” can create.

I believe that everything should be in moderation and that includes drinking. Alcohol is supposed to be just for bits of pleasure and making the atmosphere lighter. However, too much of it is, indeed, poisonous. It can destroy your life and… yourself.

The most important thing to remember is to know when to stop. Unfortunately, not many people know how to stop.

Whenever I start feeling a little bit tipsy, I drink water. Lots of it. Until I feel better. That’s a thing that helps. Or another approach to this is drinking a glass of water after every glass (or two) of alcohol. The point is that you shouldn’t drink only alcohol the whole night.

What I learnt in these 7 months of drinking (this sounds like I’m addicted, but I swear all’s cool haha) is that you shouldn’t be afraid of alcohol. As long as you’re careful and you are aware of your intake, everything is going to be alright.

But still, there is a thin line between having fun and becoming addicted and you should always be extremely careful not to cross it.


Author: Georgia

writing is my medicine

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