let’s help a gentle soul

it is so much easier

living in a state of oblivion

surrounded by a million

of fake smiles and empty eyes

but how can one remain ignorant

especially when they are made of gold

how can one listen

to the lies we are being told

and decide to do nothing

oblivion, oblivion…

you’ve become a poison

even for the golden hearts

copyright oceauxnic 2017

dear readers, i have a request for you

if you would like to lend a helping hand to a wonderful soul, i would really appreciate it

it does not matter the amount of money that you donate, the only thing that matters is that we are able to help an amazing human being achieve their dreams

the amazing human being of which i am talking about is a fellow blogger and her posts are extremely positive and full of great vibes and energy and i think she deserves to fulfil her dreams, because she helps us achieve our own through her blog

you can convince yourself, here is a link to her blog


please access this link and donate as much as you can or wish


little by little we can make it

Author: Georgia

writing is my medicine

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