lover boy

would you like to sit with me

under a big oak tree

watch the clouds as they pass by

hold me gently while i cry

play a song on your guitar

like an american rock star

touch my lips with your soft ones

let them caress, blend and dance

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i love to see the moonlight

reflecting in your eyes

in those moments i pretend

that i can see your soul

and that you are

in love with me

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skinny love

there’s no point in crying for the moon

our skinny love will die out soon

i can feel it in my bones

i won’t be the one who owns

your heart


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cremate my soul, not my body

that’s the one who needs revival

a rebirth so magical

that could get a phoenix jealous

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OOTD: greenhouse adventures 

Jeans – LC Waikiki

Shirt – New Yorker 

Shoes – Stradivarius

Glasses & Bag – thrifted


Yesterday, I went with my folks on a trip. On the road we saw a really cool greenhouse and decided to check it out. Here are some photos from our adventure! 

Of course, after spending an hour in the flower heaven I couldn’t leave without buying some plants for myself. 

It was a tough decision, but I eventually settled for these beauties. 

After we got home, I was lucky enough to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in our area.