8 Ways In Which You Can Overcome Sadness

We all feel blue from time to time. Some of us cope with sadness better than others. For those who encounter problems when dealing with this feeling, I’ve decided to come up with a list of 8 methods that could help you become joyful again.

  1. Make  yourself a cup of tea. 

Try to go through the whole process of making tea. Don’t just buy it from a supermarket or order it from Starbucks. You’ll see that tea tastes better when you make it yourself. The process itself is very relaxing and it could help you reflect on your problems for a while.

       2. Go for a run. 

Everybody knows that exercising helps you get rid of any negative emotion. Also, you’ll keep fit.

        3. Talk to yourself.

There is no shame in talking to yourself. After all, you are the one who knows best what’s bugging you. You hold the answers, therefore you need to ask some questions first.

         4. Talk to your plants.

This is an alternative for those who feel odd talking to themselves. Plants are friends. Plants love you. They want you to talk to them. They are also great listeners.

         5. Watch fail compilations.

Funniest videos ever. You want to feel good? Then you have to laugh. And what better thing to make you laugh than people who hurt themselves.

          6. Meditate.

Meditation is great. It relaxes your mind and your spirit.  In order to be happy again, you need to stop feeling bad (obviously). Meditation helps you understand your feelings, thus making it easier for you to get rid of negativity.

           7. Look up random words in the dictionary.

Not only does it take your attention away from your negative feelings, but it also helps you widen your range of vocabulary. Awesome.

           8. Write your thoughts on paper (and set fire to it).

Letting go of your feeling is the hardest part. Writing everything down separates the sadness from you. If you want to end that particular chapter in your life, then you must burn some bridges (aka set fire to the paper). Don’t do it at home, though. Safety above everything.

Life is too short to be sad. Destroy that feeling. Be free. Be happy.

Author: Georgia

writing is my medicine

7 thoughts on “8 Ways In Which You Can Overcome Sadness”

  1. The only one I don’t get is #5. When I was a paramedic my fire chief used to endlessly watch videos of people hurting themselves. I couldn’t do it. Maybe being an empathetic person it just bothered me too much. I could only picture myself and knew what it was like being on the ambulance helping someone in a lot of pain…yeah, not funny. But the rest of them I totally get….


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