They Are Afraid Of Scarlet #feministpoem

Don’t paint your nails red

for they say only easy women do so. 

You should use a clear nail polish instead.

Don’t wear red lipstick

for they say your tongue goes mad

and starts french kissing strangers. 

You should use lip gloss instead.
Don’t dye your hair red

for they say that redhead women are

the naughtiest between the sheets. 

You should accept your natural colour instead.
Don’t you see, babygirl, that they are trying to tame the fire within you?

Sexualising your power? 

Twisting the image of a warrior into something shameful? 

They want you to feel pretty, but… not too pretty. Not so pretty that you can take over their power. 

They want you small and submissive, letting you shine (slightly) only in certain lightings. 

Don’t let them control you, babygirl! 

So, go paint your nails. Use that lipstick you’ve always wanted to, then go dye your hair. But, please… choose the wildest red you can find. 

Author: Georgia

writing is my medicine

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