when i’m with you i feel nothing

no butterflies

no sweaty palms

no heart racing

but when i lie in bed at 3 am

and think about you

love takes control over me

friend or lover

that’s something i haven’t figured out yet

and it messes up my mind

Copyright © 2017 Oceauxnic All Rights Reserved


Being Grateful Is The Key

Ephemeral smile

Everlasting pain

Can’t you see that there is nothing to gain

From worry and sorrows?!

Please stop furrowing your brows…

Be grateful and live in the present!

You’ll see that life becomes so much more pleasant.


Copyright © 2017 Oceauxnic All Rights Reserved

8 Ways In Which You Can Overcome Sadness

We all feel blue from time to time. Some of us cope with sadness better than others. For those who encounter problems when dealing with this feeling, I’ve decided to come up with a list of 8 methods that could help you become joyful again.

  1. Make  yourself a cup of tea. 

Try to go through the whole process of making tea. Don’t just buy it from a supermarket or order it from Starbucks. You’ll see that tea tastes better when you make it yourself. The process itself is very relaxing and it could help you reflect on your problems for a while.

       2. Go for a run. 

Everybody knows that exercising helps you get rid of any negative emotion. Also, you’ll keep fit.

        3. Talk to yourself.

There is no shame in talking to yourself. After all, you are the one who knows best what’s bugging you. You hold the answers, therefore you need to ask some questions first.

         4. Talk to your plants.

This is an alternative for those who feel odd talking to themselves. Plants are friends. Plants love you. They want you to talk to them. They are also great listeners.

         5. Watch fail compilations.

Funniest videos ever. You want to feel good? Then you have to laugh. And what better thing to make you laugh than people who hurt themselves.

          6. Meditate.

Meditation is great. It relaxes your mind and your spirit.  In order to be happy again, you need to stop feeling bad (obviously). Meditation helps you understand your feelings, thus making it easier for you to get rid of negativity.

           7. Look up random words in the dictionary.

Not only does it take your attention away from your negative feelings, but it also helps you widen your range of vocabulary. Awesome.

           8. Write your thoughts on paper (and set fire to it).

Letting go of your feeling is the hardest part. Writing everything down separates the sadness from you. If you want to end that particular chapter in your life, then you must burn some bridges (aka set fire to the paper). Don’t do it at home, though. Safety above everything.

Life is too short to be sad. Destroy that feeling. Be free. Be happy.

They Are Afraid Of Scarlet #feministpoem

Don’t paint your nails red

for they say only easy women do so. 

You should use a clear nail polish instead.

Don’t wear red lipstick

for they say your tongue goes mad

and starts french kissing strangers. 

You should use lip gloss instead.
Don’t dye your hair red

for they say that redhead women are

the naughtiest between the sheets. 

You should accept your natural colour instead.
Don’t you see, babygirl, that they are trying to tame the fire within you?

Sexualising your power? 

Twisting the image of a warrior into something shameful? 

They want you to feel pretty, but… not too pretty. Not so pretty that you can take over their power. 

They want you small and submissive, letting you shine (slightly) only in certain lightings. 

Don’t let them control you, babygirl! 

So, go paint your nails. Use that lipstick you’ve always wanted to, then go dye your hair. But, please… choose the wildest red you can find. 

OOTD: Don’t be afraid to try something new

Blouse – H&M 

Skirt – C&A 

Shoes – Stradivarius

Belt – thrifted


This morning, me and a friend of mine decided to check out a new café which has opened recently. It was such a random decision. We were bored and so, my friend suggested that we should go for a cup of tea. The problem was… that we didn’t know where. You see, in a small town like the one in which I live, there aren’t many options and the nice places are always crowded. All of a sudden, my friend told me about this new cool café of which not many people know and said that we must go there and see what the deal is about. 

Let me just tell you… it’s the most wonderful place I’ve ever been to. 

Not only is it extremely nice looking, but it is also filled with an amazing energy. 

The place is called Grandstand. We didn’t even get in, that I could feel the positive vibes linger in the air. We were standing in front of the door, too afraid of going in (neither of us has ever been there before and we are both pretty anxious when it comes to visiting new places). I turned my head to my friend, looked him in the eye and said “This is going to be the best decision we’ve taken in a while… so let’s just stop being cowards and enter the building.” 

He smiled and put his hand on the doorknob. He turned it with a swift movement, letting the door open slowly. He stepped aside, letting me enter first (like the gentleman he is). We were greeted by a sweet smell of vanilla and we could hear an old song which came from a record player. We sat down and looked around us. There were only three other people in the whole room (not that we minded). 

The waiters were very lovely and cheerful. They took our order and came back with the bevarages quickly. I chose to drink a Banana Chocolate Chip Smoothie. 

Throughout our time spent there I kept on glancing around me, taking in every single detail. After a while, one of the waiters switched on some fairy lights. I was so excited when I saw them that I chocked on my drink. Now my friend makes fun of me because of that… But how could I not be excited?! I mean, look how beautiful those fairy lights looked.

So, we chatted for a while, enjoyed our cool drinks and after a couple of hours, we decided to head back home. This awesome experience didn’t end there, though. After we paid for our drinks, the waiters gave us some cool ass stickers. STICKERS, GUYS! 

All I can say is that I’ve found my new favourite place… and only because I was not afraid of trying something new.