Every little soul matters

I want you all to meet Bartholomew


He is a pigeon. Isn’t he lovely?

I found this little guy somewhere at the back of our school’s basketball court.

There were some 8th graders who only looked at him and laughed at the way he was struggling to fly.

He had one of his wings broken and his neck was seriously damaged.

Me and a friend of mine gained some courage and tried to rescue him. It was pretty hard till we caught him, but eventually my friend managed to lure him into our arms.

We took him to a vet during the Religion class. Our teacher was more than eager to let us go and save Barth’s life. The vet took great care of him and now Barth is flying free to wherever his little soul wishes.

To be honest, I felt extremely empowered by this. Knowing that I saved a life, no matter how insignificant it is to others, makes me feel great. Unfortunately, the rest of our classmates only made fun of us for trying to help Barth. They kept on saying that there is no hope for him, but we didn’t listen to them and now look how it turned out to be. Barth is healthy and, hopefully, happy.

Every single life matters whether it is an animal’s one or the life of a human being.

If you have the opportunity to help, then do it! 

Author: Georgia

writing is my medicine

10 thoughts on “Every little soul matters”

  1. What a kind heart and lovely spirit you have. The pigeon is lucky you saved him. Never mind those immature children and their mean laughter. Someday school will be over and the world will be your oyster, dear.

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