i am a slave to him, to her

to the ones who once were

my friends…

or at least that’s how i used to call them

it’s not that i hate,

it’s that i love and in return

i am hated and not at all appreciated

i just want to burn

in flames as scarlet as the sky at dawn,

turn to ashes

and stay dead

i am no phoenix, i have no second chance

to a life full of things i hadn’t experienced


and yet i have been cursed with

miserable immortality




I don’t mind being compared to a tree,

to the ocean, to the sky

to a galaxy.

But please,

don’t compare me

to him, to her

to anyone.

Cause then I lose my mind

and destroy everything I have done

including myself.


picture from pixabay (not sponsored or anything, i just want to share with you this amazin site from which you can take photos from free)

let it go

pain doesn’t stay around more than necessary

so why don’t you just stop  holding onto it

like the things you love most, let it go

you cannot walk together towards the infinite