Letter to an old friend

Hello, dear Sadness

I’m glad that you’ve paid me a visit.

Oh, you brought a gift that seems quite exquisite.

What’s in the box that you’re holding so tight?

Are those the tears that I’ll be crying tonight?

Don’t try to hide it, you know how I’ve been feeling

Lonely and tired and full of disgust

for the world, for the actions of those with whom I am chilling.

It appears there’s been only mistrust

between us.

They don’t know me anymore…

Fuck, I don’t think they ever did.

They try to accuse me of crimes I did not commit.

They constantly use and throw me to the wolves,

but they don’t know that I’m a lover

of everything that Nature has given birth to,

even of the big bad Alpha.

I shouldn’t love you, but I do.

You’ve helped me get through

everything, really… everything.

I suppose I owe you an apology.

Therefore, I am sorry

and welcome back,

sweet old Sadness.

I hope you enjoy your stay.


Author: Georgia

writing is my medicine

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