I am grateful for… #2

Being able to visit my grandma whenever I want.

She lives at about half an hour away from me in a small village which is situated pretty much in the heart of Nature. There is a forest, a tiny river (I think you call that a torrent, but I’m not sure) loads of fields with flowers and corn and orchards, hills and many other wonderful elements of Nature.

I didn’t tell her that I was going to visit her and she was so happy and surprised. It made me feel extremely good. Small gestures like these make our life worth living.

Behind our house, there is a small orchard where I like to spend my time during summers. A huge pear tree rises to the sky and covers the sun, so that I can relax in the shadows.


I love lying in the grass and looking up to the sky to try to spot the sun between the branches.


My dog, Pufi, keeps me company. He is such a lovely little creature. He makes so happy.

After a few hours I went to a place near my house where you can find a bunch of rocks and I picked some up… 162 to be exactly. And of course I had to sort them by colour haha.

Then I went home and ate a delicious watermelon with my grandma. We talked and laughed and I helped her with the garden.

I am truly grateful for wonderful days like this one. I was happy and my grandma noticed that. She even told my mom that she has never seen me so full of life and with such a big smile on my face. I am grateful for those words, too.

I just can’t wait to see what other lovely days has good ol’ summer prepared for me.

Love and Peace, dear readers!

Author: Georgia

writing is my medicine

3 thoughts on “I am grateful for… #2”

  1. A day to be treasured 😊what a beautiful thing. How nice a leafy tree is on a sunny day, and Pufi is so cute!!!! Also love your pebble collecting and sorting, I haven’t done something like that for a while, must be time to go on a forage again! 😊


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