Being alone

You might think that being alone is lame and sad, but it’s not. Being alone is a blessing. Why? Because you can learn so many thing about yourself and the world. Use the time that you spend alone in your favour. Watch documentaries, read, meditate, do research, dance around the house, sing your lungs out, get weird, talk to yourself. Yes, you read that right! Talk to yourself. Whether it is in your mother tongue or a foreign language, talking to yourself is actually very beneficial to your mind, soul and well, speaking skills.

Don’t be afraid to cancel your plans just to be by yourself. Nor be embarrassed about it. Not many people have the chance to explore themselves in deep silence. Even if it scares you, knowing yourself is essential. It also leads to acceptance and you know to where that path continues.

Therefore, whenever you have the chance to spend time alone, do it. It could be the first step you take towards a better life.

Author: Georgia

writing is my medicine

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