For my psychology class, I had to do a description of my temperament. I absolutely hate this time of assignments. You know, the ones in which you have to describe yourself or say something about your life etc. I never knew what to say in cases like this. Maybe because I was ashamed or because I wasn’t at peace with who I was.

This time though, I needed to make a great essay in order to improve my grade. I was kind of obliged to reflect upon myself and the way that I think and to be honest, it was surprisingly easy.

I just sat down at my office and started to dig through my mind. The words came out fast and without realizing it, I had already filled a whole page. My essay was done and all that I had left to do was to read it.

Reading it, I started to understand myself.

I know it sounds weird.

But it felt like I wasn’t the one who wrote it. Even though I already knew the facts listed on there, the process held a different feeling to it.

Then it hit me. Why I was so amazed with everything written on that sheet of paper… I had finally accepted who I was. I was finally content with myself and I am happy to say that I’m still feeling that way.

And this is how one of my greatest realizations was born.

Accept who you are and never be ashamed of it. You are unique and nobody can take that away from you, but yourself. Be grateful for who you are, for the life that you have. Accept everything and don’t stress over insignificant events.

This is the beginning of your journey towards happiness.

Author: Georgia

writing is my medicine

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