REVIEW: Affaire Clemenceau: Memoire de l’accuse by Al. Dumas-Fils

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History. Romance. Art. And a sprinkle of psychology. If you like these things, then I’m sure you’ll like Affaire Clemenceau: Memoire de l’accuse by Al. Dumas, Fils.

The story is set mainly in France, in the 19th century. The plot follows the life of Pierre Clemenceau, a famous sculptor and his love interest Iza Dobonowska, a poor girl who is trying to become rich.

This is a well-written book with an interesting style. The characters are representative for their era. There is a major plot twist at the end of which you would have never thought.

I definitely recommend it to those who like to read books that focus on the developement of a character and those who appreciate a spicy combination of art and romance.


  • It was a bit boring from time to time because of the way-too-detailed scenes.
  • It has only 200 pages, therefore it’s a quick read if you concentrate.
  • Overall, satisfactory book.




Author: Georgia

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