REVIEW: Affaire Clemenceau: Memoire de l’accuse by Al. Dumas-Fils

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History. Romance. Art. And a sprinkle of psychology. If you like these things, then I’m sure you’ll like Affaire Clemenceau: Memoire de l’accuse by Al. Dumas, Fils.

The story is set mainly in France, in the 19th century. The plot follows the life of Pierre Clemenceau, a famous sculptor and his love interest Iza Dobonowska, a poor girl who is trying to become rich.

This is a well-written book with an interesting style. The characters are representative for their era. There is a major plot twist at the end of which you would have never thought.

I definitely recommend it to those who like to read books that focus on the developement of a character and those who appreciate a spicy combination of art and romance.


  • It was a bit boring from time to time because of the way-too-detailed scenes.
  • It has only 200 pages, therefore it’s a quick read if you concentrate.
  • Overall, satisfactory¬†book.




OOTD: Trip to the Bakery

Yesterday was such a lovely day! It was my best friend’s birthday and we went out for a walk. Even though the sun was shining brightly, the wind was blowing, therefore a cold breeze touched our skin from time to time.

This is what I wore yesterday:


T-Shirt – NewYorker

Jeans – NewYorker

Sneakers – Nike

When we couldn’t bear the cold weather anymore, she invited me to a very cute bakery in the centre of our town. I had never been there before, so I was pretty excited. When we entered, there was no one inside. It was just us and the sweet old lady behind the counter, waiting to take our order.


There were so many goodies! I had a really hard time choosing what I wanted to taste. Eventually, I settled for a chocolate mousse. My friend ordered the same.


It was delicious! After we finished, we ordered something to drink. I drank a tea, forest fruit flavoured tea. Let me just tell you… It was the best tea I had ever drunk in my entire life!


We chatted some more and then headed home.

It had been an amazing experience!


I Am Grateful For…

Living near a river

Even though my hometown is a relatively small one, it is crossed by a huge river and I am mega grateful for that.

Now that spring has come, the trees are green, the sun is shining brightly, it is so damn warm outside and thus every day is a perfect day for a walk on the river bank or for a hike.

I just LOVE to go with my friends near the river and chill on some rocks, to listen to the birds as they sing, to watch the way the water flows. I love the warm – sometimes chilly – breeze that brings the scent of the blossomed trees to our nostrils.


I also love to take off my shoes and walk through the soft grass while I pick flowers up, from which I make small bouquets and give them to my mom. It’s an amazing feeling!


Another thing that I love doing in this environment is to skate. When the weather is nice, I just grab my rollers, call a friend and we skate till our legs feel like they’re on fire. Then we sit down near the Yellow Bridge and munch some chips, drink soda and look at all the people who are playing with their dogs.


The river is one of the things for which I am so grateful. Life in this town would definitely be dull without our beloved river.

What are some things that YOU are grateful for? I would love to know about it!

Stay Gold



REVIEW: The Wallpaper Fox by Morris Philipson


If you are looking for an interesting but easy-to-read story about interpersonal relationships and the way people use each other, you should definitely read The Wallpaper Fox by Morris Philipson.

The story focuses on the lives of three rich families: the Warners, the Connolleys and the Taylors. A certain event ruins the harmony between these groups, but also between the members of each family.

The book is beautifully written. It has a well-developed plot and many psychological insights. The characters are believable; some of them change a lot throughout the story and it’s very exciting to follow their journey.

I recommend it to anyone who like psychological books and is up for a quick read.


side notes

  • I have the book translated into Romanian and the cover is a bit different, but it’s nevertheless beautiful.
  • I have finished the book in 3 days.
  • I think it’s so lovely and it has lots of interesting ideas about family, friends, loneliness, promises etc.