Musing Monday: puzzles and happiness

My entire existence is a puzzle which I simply cannot solve. Apparently, there’s always a missing piece and that is… happiness.

I’ve never know the way it looks. I couldn’t even deduce its shape from the empty spot within the puzzle. The truth is… there is no puzzle. Only pieces. Plenty of pieces jumbled in such a nasty way. I don’t know which one is which, nor do I know the role each one plays in the puzzle.

Everything is so blurred. And I need glasses.

thank you

there are no words which can express the feeling of gratitude that has taken control over me 

all i can say is THANK YOU 

for your support, your kind thoughts, your likes and appreciation towards my work 

Thank You 

for everything, really

you are the best

i hope you have a wonderful day, lovely people 



Musing Monday: death

Why does death bring so much pain? Why do people cry when someone dies? Most of them would say that it’s due to the fact that they won’t be able to see the person in question ever again… Well, that’s selfish if you ask me. So fucking selfish!

Your beloved one has just converted their soul into ever lasting energy that wanders through space and time and you’re crying? Your beloved one can now gaze at the whole Universe, touch the stars, high-five comets, visit new galaxies, become a tree or a waterfall or a drop in the ocean and you’re fucking crying?

Shame on you!

Shame on me… for I do the same.