OOTD: greenhouse adventures 

Jeans – LC Waikiki

Shirt – New Yorker 

Shoes – Stradivarius

Glasses & Bag – thrifted


Yesterday, I went with my folks on a trip. On the road we saw a really cool greenhouse and decided to check it out. Here are some photos from our adventure! 

Of course, after spending an hour in the flower heaven I couldn’t leave without buying some plants for myself. 

It was a tough decision, but I eventually settled for these beauties. 

After we got home, I was lucky enough to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in our area.

in the dead of night

in the dead of night i hear a sound

i think my heart fell on the ground

would you pick it up for me

hand it over gracefully?

or would you like to keep it close

hide it where nobody knows?

either way, please don’t forget

our love’s not over yet

Copyright © 2017 Oceauxnic All Rights Reserved

let’s help a gentle soul

it is so much easier

living in a state of oblivion

surrounded by a million

of fake smiles and empty eyes

but how can one remain ignorant

especially when they are made of gold

how can one listen

to the lies we are being told

and decide to do nothing

oblivion, oblivion…

you’ve become a poison

even for the golden hearts

copyright oceauxnic 2017

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