The Power of Light

It is impossible to think of a world that has never been touched by light. If the rays of the Sun had not kissed the Earth, humans would be engulfed in a sea of darkness now… both physically and spiritually. Light is the element which lies at the basis of religion, science and even art. It all started with four simple words uttered by God: “Let there be light!”

At the beginning, the Earth had no form. Clouds of charcoal created a wall between it and the outer space. However, God had better plans for the realm he  had created. With a wave of his hand, the darkness vanished and light took its place. Ever since then,light has served as a symbol of new beginnings, guiding people who have drifted away from the path because their mind was clouded with worry or sadness.

With the darkness gone and the Sun protruding the sky, the Earth started to change tremendously. The bacteria in the ocean got bored with the cold. Therefore, it came to the surface, only to be met with a gentle touch of light. Its microscopic body grew bigger and bigger under the Sun and now it is the ancestor of all the animals that roam the Earth.


Having bathed in the light, as well, flowers wear all the  colours of the rainbow. They are jewels created by the Sun to inspire artists with their purity. Had it not been for light, humans would have had a greyscale vision, making everything around them seem dull and lifeless. What is a canvas without colour? Is a painter truly painting with just black and white?

In conclusion, life without light resembles a curse on the mind and the soul. The absence of light brings extinction to all species, including us, humans. Life without light… the perfect title for a painting which illustrates a post-apocalyptic world. And it is all in black and white.


crescent moon >> a poem

the crescent moon seems to mock us

mock our love and our happiness

it enrages me so much that i’m about to combust

and be sure that my explosion is much stronger

than the famous one

i’ll create a new universe and i’ll make my own rules

and there will be no crescent moon

to be a witness to

our rise and fall


copyright oceauxnic 2018

Will Immigration Solve Our Problems?

Immigration has become a big global issue, whether it is done legally or not. Usually, the people who live in underdeveloped countries choose to move and get a job in one of the west-european ones or the USA because they are more advanced in terms of economy, industry and maybe even politics. I believe that immigration might be the answer to one’s problems, but only partially.

(Now, I won’t take into account terrible situations like war. That is an extremely delicate situation.)

It is more practical to work abroad, especially when you do not see any improvement in your country’s economy. A nation which is full of violence and corruption is not healthy for people who are willing to work hard in order to earn a living. If, for example, workers are treated badly and they don’t receive enough money to support their families, then it is normal for them to want to go to a place where their hard work and clean character is appreciated and rewarded accordingly.

But still, even if immigrants find a better job and they are financially satisfied, they could encounter many problems related to other aspects of their lives. Living abroad can be extremely difficult for some people because they become exposed to a different culture. They need to adopt a new lifestyle and maybe even a new set of beliefs.

Moreover, the ones who leave their native country on their own must go through a terrible time because they leave their loved ones behind. Soon after, homesickness sets in and it can be so powerful that they no longer focus on their work. They might even get depressed.

The truth is that many immigrants face discrimination. People might avoid them or call them names. Some might suffer from unemployment, ironically. Such social issues are hard to avoid. Our society is still not prepared to fully accept diversity and change.


In essence, immigration might seem as the only solution to you problems, but there is much more to it than we are able to see. It can help you from a financial point of view, most of the times, but emotional problems are going to arise.

What do you think about this issue?

photo taken from Pixabay

Stress is the Disease of our Century

The many experiments  and the research conducted by scientists, along with the technological advancements that we benefit from have allowed us to discover cures or possible solutions to some of the deadliest illnesses. Such as chicken pox or measles. However, doctors have forgotten about one element which contributes to most diseases and which can now be considered extremely dangerous, and that is stress.

Everyone has suffered from either small or big amounts of stress, me included. Especially, given the fact that I am a senior in high school. Stress affects anyone. It doesn’t care about your age, gender or social status.

The feeling of stress can be felt when you are required to do a huge amount of work in a very short period of time. Adults must always think about earning a living for themselves and their families. Children feel pressured by their school work. Let’s be honest, there is way too much school work. Or they might worry about their future, especially if they don’t have a plan, when they don’t know what they want to do once they finish high school. Which is totally fine. I have a post that deals with this issue and you can read it right HERE.

There is no doubt that this form of anxiety alters most people’s lives. When you are stressed, you cannot focus. This affects your work, your productivity, but most importantly, your health. Stress makes you neglect yourself. Some people forget to eat, others to rest or to take their medicine. Once you become ill because of the stress, it is extremely difficult to recover, because the only thing you can do in such a situation is worry about the condition that you are in, without actually taking any measures. People who are stressed attract a lot of negativity into their lives.

Stress is dangerous because you never see it coming. Some people don’t realize they are stressed until it is too late. This is why I believe it is important to try hard to prevent it.

Whenever you feel like you’ve done too much for the day just stop. Take a breath. Go watch a movie, eat something sweet. Have a chat with someone you love. Go for a walk. Talk to your plants or your pets. No, you are not foolish if you do that. Just do whatever helps you relax.


Relaxation is the key. Give yourself a rest and a pat on the back for all of the hard work you’ve done so far. Tomorrow’s another day. Your health is more important!

photo taken from Pixabay

trophies >> a poem

your happiness does not make me happy
so, i suppose
i never actually cared for you
any of you
i just wanted you all, i lusted for you
and the pain that i have felt
was caused by my own bitterness
bitterness that i couldn’t get my hands
on my trophies
bitterness that i am incapable
of luring you
so, don’t get cocky
i broke my own heart


© oceauxnic