won’t you be my lily of the valley


give me my long-awaited finale

cause i’m sick of loitering the streets

of cities i’ve never seen in real life

copyright oceauxnic 2017


Woman Crush Wednesday ❤ Blake Lively

She is a true feminist, a wonderful mom, a kind and emphatic person, a fashion icon and an extremely talented artist!

Plus, she is married to Ryan Reynolds. And they are the ultimate Relationship Goals.

The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.

– Blake Lively

monsters lurking

eyes blazing with devilment

how can you be so negligent?

i gave you a flashlight

to guide you through the dark forest

yet you still chose to be blind and fight

the monsters that were lurking behind the trees

just because that’s your definition

of having a good time

copyright oceauxnic 2017